Nov 22 , 2017

On November 5th, 2020 FVA attended a close out ceremony of Isuku Iwacu project.
FVA implemented isuku iwacu in Nyabihu district since august 2019- august 2020 and the Project has impacted more than 24000 Households and as results of integrated WASH activities such as Access to Sanitation BCC messages, Pre-verification of ODF Villages, Training of CHCs and community members on ODF Process Loans and Self-financing.

Umutoni Diana, Acting Executive Director shared the FVA achievemnts rom Nyabihu District

As result 19,500 improved latrines constructed and 23 HHs improved their basic sanitation facilities through Loan and 13 villages verified and Declared ODF in Nyabihu after Training of 1850 Community health clubs (CHCs) and community members of on Open defecation free (ODF) Process along with social behaviour and communication initiatives .

FVA was very delighted to be part of the long-term community of hygiene behavior change in Nyabihu district

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