Prepare a balanced diet Improved my children’s Nutrition status

Nov 22 , 2017

Kayitare Vincent and Mukarukundo Thérѐse are married and live in Nkondo Cell of Rwinkwavu sector. The Family seven children whom Niyizibyose Vincent is sixth child of the family has suffered Kwashiarkor at the age of 3 years. When Gikuriro Started in 2017, activities at Village Level the child was rehabilitated through 12 consecutive days of Village Nutrition School (VNS) introduced by Gikuriro Program in the community as one of its approach to Prevent malnutrition at Village level.
The family associates the big family size and the food shortage in Rwinkwavu to immediate cause of malnutrition which affected their child.

Figure 1 : Niyizibyose Vincent (Before)

“For the first time I learnt that my child is malnourished through Growth Monitoring Promotion session. At that time, my child was referred to the Health Center and from there to Rwinkwavu hospital for rehabilitation and some treatment. But after, I was sent back to the health center, In charge of Nutrition told me to join other VNS members for the full rehabilitation.” Mukarukundo said,

She added that that, when she joined the VNS she found there other 10 mothers with under5 children through 12 days of rehabilitation and his son were rehabilitated too.

Figure 2 : Niyizibyose Vincent(After) Her mother Joining Village Nutrition School

“Beyond rehabilitating our children, the VNS has taught us better nutrition practices and positive behaviors to ensure our children are free from malnutrition and use them to prevent recurrence of malnutrition to our children. Said Mukarukundo
“We thank Gikuriro a lot who enabled Maman Lumieres and Community health worked nurture us on how to care and prepare a balanced Diet for our children “said Mukarukundo.

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