Saving Internal and Lending Communities (SILC) group Improved my family well-bieng

Nov 22 , 2017

BAMUSABIRE Genevieve is a citizen of Ragwe village, Nyagatovu cell in Mukarange Sector. She is a younger lady aged 34 years ; and a mother of 3 children. Actually, she is a small business woman in a fruits market and vegetable at Ragwe village on Kayonza road light side heading to Kigali nearest at GAHIZA Bus stop. she started her business before divorcing with her husband.

Before joining Saving Internal and Lending Community (SILC) one of component of GIKURIRO Program, she were selling fruits on daily basis, according to the little capital she had and continued to struggle with 3 children where first born want to start school and other needs on that time especially food for her family and paying rent.
After joining SILC “I was never understood interest of group of savings, For the first time, I joined group of savings and loans created by Gikuriro I didn’t known how it works, I was saving slowly because my mindset . When we shared out at the first cycle, I have seen some of the members of our saving group shared a lot of money and some of them bought goats and pigs. At the second cycle, I increased my saving and also I lent a loan to boost my small business because my customers were asking me some kind of fruits such as Watermelon and Pineapple etc…. I requested other loan to build my self-house and I contribute to the family’s welfare and take care of the nutrition of my children, the loan has changed my life and made me a businesswoman” Said BAMUSABIRE Genevieve.”

She also requested loan of 82,000Frw to buy 46 chickens which produce meat including : 6 big chickens and 40 small chicks.

Gikuriro Integrated Approaches Improve wellbeing of its beneficiaries because everyone in saving group knows how to prepare a balanced diet for her/his children with hygiene and sanitation awareness improved.
Gikuriro Program aimed to improve the nutritional status of women of reproductive age and children with under five years of age, with an emphasis on the 1,000-day window of opportunity from pregnancy until a child’s second birthday, Economic strengthening intervention is among of Gikuriro program package, which is contributing more to elimination of malnutrition and stunting through Saving Internal and Lending Community (SILC).

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