PPIMA Project

Nov 22 , 2017

FVA is in partnership with NPA (Norwegian people’s aid) to implement a Public Policy Information, Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA)” project in the period of 4 years, starting from 2021 to 2024, the project has the aim of promoting citizens participation, improve service delivery and consider citizen issues and priorities in district plan and budget from cell to District level

NPA aims to support civil society actors in their efforts to strengthen their organizations, mobilize people to know and defend their rights, and to participate in and influence the development of their societies.
The overall programme goal is that Rwandan citizens live in a democratic society with equitable social justice ;

The Project has 3 outcomes and different Activities as below :
Outcome 1 : Civil society organisation strengthened to influence
It has only 3 activities and the budget of 3,923,360
Outcome 2 :People and communities from the target group acted and participated, it has 10 activities with the budget of 41,036,672
and Outcome 3 : Local and National Government have formulated policies and plans that reflect the concerns raised by citizens . It has 4 activities with the budget of 21,567,611

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