Residents appreciated Gikuriro program interventions in Kayonza open day

Gikuriro Program has participated in two days Kayonza open day which held at Kayonza district new Head Quarter from 25th to 26th of May 2017.

The open day attracted development partners of Kayonza district working under the Joint Action Development Forum (JADF).

JADF is made of NGOs and other important private companies which play a crucial role in the development of Kayonza.

FVA which is implementing USAID-funded Gikuriro Program exhibited Gikuriro program’s four key interventions integrated to fight against malnutrition. These interventions are nutrition which extend nutrition education the population through VNS, agriculture that teaches farming techniques aimed at ensuring food security through FFLS, Economic Strengthening which uses Saving and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) to improve economic status beneficiaries and WASH intervention which train the community on better Hygiene practices.

Gikuriro exhibited food items making up balanced diets, milk produced from Soy-beans, mobile toilet and tippy taps, cage for small livestock, Kitchen gardens and amazingly FVA demonstrated to parents who came in the open day how to prepare balance diet and fed a number of children during the open day after undergoing growth monitoring exercise.

JADF representative in Kayonza said 71 partners exhibited their services and products in the Open Day and there is a sure expectation of number increase of exhibitors in coming years since in 2016 Kayonza-open day 50 JADF members were presents in the Open Day.

“71 JADF members came in Open Day exhibition and we hope to see the number increasing in coming years. We thank the district for having helped us in preparation and we promise to always be good partners of Kayonza development.”

Gikuriro Program is a five years and USAID funded program aimed at improving nutrition status of mothers of reproductive age and children less than five years of age. In Kayonza the program is being implemented by Faith Victory Association (FVA) in partnership with two famous international organizations; Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and SNV.

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