Kayonza: District staff appreciated the progress of Gikuriro interventions in the community

Gikuriro Program senior staff and district officials have held a two days Joint supervision visit to Gikuriro Program interventions in Kayonza district from May 31 to June 1, 2017.

This joint visit has attracted the district and sector officials, District hospital staffs and Health Center staffs.The visit was aimed at observing changes brought by by the program in Kayonza community and visitors toured some villages benefiting Gikuriro interventions in two sectors of Kabare and Mwili.

The visit has appreciated the progress of Gikuriro Program’s interventions. In Kabare and Mwili, visitors have appreciated how Program beneficiaries have adopted Bio-Intensive Techniques in their households, rehabilitation of malnourished children through 12 consecutive of cooking and feeding children, impact of SILC in improving financial capacity of vulnerable people, and commitment of CHCs in gathering small amount of money to buy iron-sheets to cover latrines for vulnerable neighbors in of their locality.

Gikuriro Program is a five years program aimed at improving nutrition status of women of reproductive age and under five children funded by USAID through CRS and SNV. The implementation of the program is executed by Faith Victory Association (FVA) in Kayonza district.

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