Rusororo: Three VSL groups shared annual savings

Faith Victory Association (FVA) has lead a share-out ceremony which held at its head office located in Rusororo sector of Gasabo district in the city of Kigali.

The share-out ceremony brought together Titezimbere, Umunezero and Dukundane: three Voluntary Saving and Lending (VSL) groups which perform savings and lending activities at FVA Head Office. This event happened on 30th of June 2017 whereby all groups have shared a total sum of 11,104,685 Rwf made of 3,890, 900 Rwf from Dukundane, 4,182,120 Rwf from Twitezimbere and 3,031,665 Rwf of Umunezero groups.

A woman who spoke in the name of groups that shred out their savings clarified that VSL has created an independent woman who can contribute to the family development and help her husband to accelerate family prosperity.

Bora is a woman from Nyagahinga cell and a member of Twitezimbere group. Bora got the highest share in her group and she can testify the benefit of being a member of VSL as she has managed to start a business using a capital borrowed from her saving group.

“Before joining my fellow women in VSL, I couldn’t imagine to earn money by myself expect to request from my husband. But after joining other women in VSL groups my life has changed to better and I started business of vending loin cloth for women (Ibitenge) and I have charcoal store whereby residents of my locality find charcoal for cooking activities.”

Nyirasafari Angelique also declared that VSL has enabled her to find capital that she invested in vending children’s clothes in Kabuga market.

FVA encouraged women for the big achievements and remind all of them to think about a long lasting investment to accumulate more benefits and increase savings in their saving groups.

FVA initiated Voluntary Saving and Lending (VSL) groups to contribute economically to women empowerment. More than 1,000 VSL groups are working under FVA supervision in saving and lending activities.

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