Kayonza : Gikuriro supported SILC groups shined in share-out ceremony

Nov 22 , 2017

Four Saving and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) groups from Rukara sector of Kayonza district supported by Gikuriro Program have on Tuesday 13 February 2018 held colorful ceremony at Rukara sector office.

SILC groups which shared their annual savings are Twitezimbere, Abahuje, Abishyizehamwe and Twisingane from Ibiza, Kinunga II, Mirambi and Buyonza villages of Rukara cell, Rukara sector. All of these SILC members are beneficiaries of Gikuriro Program which strives for improving nutritional status of women of reproductive ages and children under five years of age.

These groups organized the share-out ceremony after one year of saving circle. All group members attended share-out ceremony with items they bought after sharing their annual savings totaling around 1.6 M Rwandan Francs.

Among the items bought by individuals from their shares, there are 91 small livestock made of (goats, pigs, rabbits, hens) 6 mattresses, 74 families who paid health insurances for families while other families have hired lands for agriculture activities among other achievements.

Musengimana Josiane is one of Gikuriro beneficiaries in Rukara sector. Musengimana belongs to Abishyizemwe A SILC group of Kinunga II village of Rukara cell. She admits that she used to live vulnerable lives with her six children and three of her children were malnourished. “But when Gikuriro came, we were sensitized to come together for savings activities, when I was able to save 750 Rwf, I requested a loan of 1,500 Rwf to buy porridge for my children. I continued to save until I requested another loan of 4,000 Rwf to start the business of selling avocado. When I reached to the saving of 7,000 Rwf I requested 15,000 Rwf to hire a land to cultivate my children and this loan has changed my living condition and increased my weekly savings.”

Jean Pierre Habineza has a wife who is a member for Gikuriro SILC groups. He used to neglect Gikuriro activities and he was not supportive to her wife. Through SILC her wife acquired a loan to start a small business which improved the family living conditions for better.

Gikuriro partner representatives encouraged SILC group members who shared out their annual savings, to consider achievements as a startup for further fulfillment. They also encouraged members to adhere to other Gikuriro interventions in order to use these potential for malnutrition free community.

Rose, the district Business Development officer who represented the district in the ceremony commended Gikuriro and SILC beneficiaries for the great achievements and challenged them to dream big by taking advantage to other district’s opportunities. “For instance you can transform your SILC groups into registered cooperatives and start big projects.”

The 5-year Integrated Nutrition and Wash Activity (INWA)-Gikuriro program is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The program is implemented in 8 districts of Rwanda and it uses Nutrition, WASH, SILC and Agriculture-four main components which are interdependent to fight malnutrition. In Kayonza district, the program is implemented by Faith Victory Association (FVA) in partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV).

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