Rusororo: Bring a Smile campaign to cure 1000 dental patients

Faith Victory Association (FVA) in partnership with Beatrice Polyclinic, San Diego Filipino Dental Association (SDFDA), All Nations Fellowship (ANF) and Rwanda Dental Association (RDA) are providing dental care to Rwandan with dental problem through a campaign dubbed Bring a Smile campaign.

This free dental service which is being delivered by the partnership of Rwandan and American dentists has started on 29th July 2017 to end the 2nd of August 2017.
This service targets to reach out to around 1,000 dental patients registered from elsewhere in Rwanda. Organizers of this this campaign revealed that within three days, more than 600 dental patients were satisfactory treated.

Dr.Viven Abante from SDFDA said that most of services provided to people who came to seek dental cares are cleaning, filling, extraction and providing advices on taking good care of teeth like doing dental hygiene, consulting dentist regularly and taking healthy nutrition for teeth.

Through this free dental mission, patients were provided with toothpastes, brushes and other important materials used while improving dental hygiene.

FVA and Beatrice Polyclinic target providing similar services yearly based on community needy. People who received dental cares are really happy for the good services free of charge.

Mukeshimana Beatrice from Rulindo district is the one of the patients who received free dental treatment care after living with dental problems for years because of financial failure.

“Once I went for dentists and they told me that extraction requires 5,000 Rwf per tooth and it is impossible for poor people to afford that amount. But am really thankful for this free dental service, I was extracted one tooth and promised me to clean and refill other teeth with dental caries. May God bless those doctors for the giving heart”

This dental treatment services are being provided in Beatrice Polyclinic located in Rusororo Sector of Gasabo, Nyagahinga cell near Riviera High School. Beatrice Polyclinic is a private clinic meeting modern international standards.

Beatrice works with reputable insurance institutions in Rwanda namely RSSB (RAMA), RADIANT and UAP among others. Beatrice Polyclinic offers outstanding services in general medicine, internal medicine, Gynecology, Dermatology, minor surgery, dentistry, hospitalization and pediatric services among other services.

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