Nyaruguru: POWER beneficiaries exhibited successes

Ruheru women small holder farmers have on September 30 after a monthly community work (umuganda) exhibited their achievements made of household materials bought from Voluntary Saving and Lending (VSL) annual savings.

All women who shared out their annual savings work with Faith Victory Association (FVA) and Action Aid Rwanda through Promoting Opportunities for Women Empowerment and Rights (POWER) Project which aimed at empowering women small holder farmers.

Among the exhibited items include house hold materials whereby 16 women have managed to buy solar energies, 20 women who bought matelas for their beds. Two women have been able to bring water in their respective homes and one woman among those who supplied water in their households purchased also a cooking gas.

These women have revealed that all these achievements were motivated by POWER Project which taught them the spirit of self-reliance and a will of solving some of the challenges facing woman’s development like lack of electricity, lack of firewood and the lack of water which increase the burden of women’s Unpaid Care Work (UCP).

Through this exhibition, women small holder farmers benefiting POWER Project have support other vulnerable families with 10 hoes to be used in agricultural activities.

In Ruheru sector of Nyaruguru district, POWER Project works with 20 groups of rural women small holder farmers. These groups of women are trained in the practice of sustainable agriculture and fundamental principles of their rights.

Through POWER Project, beneficiaries are taught to practice saving and lending activities which enabled them to have saving culture and to hold finances.

Through this community work, Nyaruguru district officials have inaugurated Ruheru Early Child Development (ECD), constructed in a strong partnership of FVA and AAR through POWER Project.

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