Over 200 children and parents attended FVA Christmas Party

Faith Victory Association (FVA) in partnership with New Mercies Ministries have helped children to celebrate Christmas and Happy New Year, in festivities held at FVA head office located in Rusororo sector in Gasabo district of the City of Kigali.

Among children who attended the festivities, include those who are sponsored through FVA and other children who are living near to FVA Head Office.

The celebration started with a prayer lead by Karen who preached about seeking God calling everyone to seek and to ask him and he will give us greatness of strength.

“Ask God and he will give us greatness of strength but this is not necessarily to be great at everything, He will make us great at what he calls us to do. If I am trying to do this and I am failing, it means that may my calling is elsewhere.”

Other festivities included Rwandan Traditional dances, a sketch performed by children on obeying parents, worshipping songs all of which was put on by the kids themselves.
New Mercies Ministries Team was excited to see children, dancing and singing praises to God.

During these ceremonies children who selected as best performers at school were awarded with school materials and other were provided with Gifts brought by New Mercies Team of visitors.

After all festivities, children have shared foods and drinks as to celebrated Christmas and the New Year 2018.

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