Amplify Change Project

Nov 22 , 2017

Strengthening the effectiveness of women organizations’ advocacy to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights and to fight gender-based violence

In partnership with ActionAid Rwanda(AAR), faith victory association (FVA)is implementing amplify change project for strengthening the effectiveness of women rights advocacy to advance sexual and reproductive health (SRHR)and rights and to fight gender- based violence(GBV).

The amplify change project aims at strengthening the capacity of 15 women’s rights organizations operating in Karongi, Gisagara and Musanze district to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence to address their SRHR and GBV and supporting a network movement and campaign on SRHR and GBV.

Overall objective : To influence policy and Practice towards the reduction of SGBV and Fulfillment of SRHR in Rwanda
 To build capacity of women organization to conduct effective advocacy on (SRHR)and (GBV) policies and services.
 To build a strong network of women organizations to engage on SRHR and GBV through campaigning and policing dialogue.

Target group :
 Female Sex Workers : aged between 20 - 24 years and 24 - 60 years,
 Survivors of violence : aged between 20 - 24 years and 24 - 60 years

GBV Officer at Kibilizi Hospital in Gisagara District explaining the services offered by Isange one Stop Center

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