There are many ways that you can help Faith Victory. Volunteering your time either in the home states or in Rwanda would benefit the men, women, and children there.

We would like to invite you to join us on a volunteer trip to Rwanda. If you have a group of your own we will facilitate the trip for you.

Do not think that you do not have any skills and abilities in which you can help. The cost of a hug or a game of ball is priceless to these people and children who are in need of love and hope!

To facilitate those wishing to Volunteer with Faith Victory Association to find an a particular field fitting with their knowledge and passion, the following is a list of important programs where volunteers are placed to support the Rwandan communities in need of love, care and material support.

Literacy Program

Teaching and literacy program involves working with schools at the ongoing school curriculum to improve the standards and performance of pupils. It is also in line with the current transition in the country of switching from Franco system to Anglo system hence therefore as a volunteer you will be required to teach English in line with other subjects of your choice. Volunteers are placed in Rwandan schools, sponsoring child education and teaching children in different transit centers as described in these few lines.
1. Gahanga II Primary School
Through FVA volunteer program, volunteers are placed in different school to build capacitity of teachers and impro children’s knowledge in English language. Gahanga II primary school is located in Kicukiro district. Estimation number of beneficiaries to this initiative is around 600 pupils and their teachers.
2. Educating children adopted by children centers
Also through volunteer program, FVA support education in the centers that adopt orphans and street children for a short period before reintegrating them into families. This initiative started with the government decision of closing orphanage with the aim of elevating all Rwandan children in families. FVA uses volunteers to distribute books and other teaching aid materials to centers working with the organization. Volunteers also give English courses to children adopted by centers and this initiative has improved general performance of children assisted by FVA in their respective formal classes.

Today, FVA works with Rubavu Street Children’s Transit Center that rehabilitates and reintegrate street children, Centre les Enfants de Dieu in Gasabo district of Kigali city and Marembo children center in Ndera sector of Gasabo district. Here numbers of children vary because they are taken for a short period before they are reintegrated in their respective families.
3. Sponsoring education for deprived children
With the same spirit of ensuring an appropriate development of Rwandan children, FVA select children from poor families and connect them with potential sponsors to support their education process. In general, 116 children benefit directly from FVA sponsorship program whereby 35 children receive school fees while the rest gets other sponsorship opportunities and school materials. This initiative decreased the number of children who dropped out of school due to poverty in their respective families.
4.Noon-meal initiative
With the heart of developing the community around its working area, FVA introduced noon-meal to children from poor families. This initiative came to help poor children get lunch and go to school without hunger because some children were used to attending classes without eating. After this program was initiated on the partnership with Global Volunteer Network (GVN), pupils started testifying to improve performance.

Children under noon meal are around 60 who meet to share noon-meal at FVA Head Office, note that kids are selected from nursery up to primary schools. In 2009, FVA partnered with GVN Foundation (New Zeland) to conduct a campaign known as “Eat So They Can” to support this initiative of nutrition among vulnerable children.

Community Outreach Program

Through this subprogram, FVA connects volunteers to Rwandan vulnerable communities. Potential volunteers assist victims of Gender-based violence (GBV) as well as carrying out activities aimed at reducing GBV’s occurrence. Activities include GBV education, training in small scale business management and working with out of school teenagers.

Reaching to the communities volunteers benefit from learning Rwandan culture and have fanny working with communities some traditional art like basket weaving and learning farming activities. Volunteers work with women cooperatives to market their art products and plan home visit for some cooperative members.

Promoting Paid work and reducing unpaid work

The program involves working with associations in both prevention and palliative care program for those already infected. Volunteer activities involve working within community to promote paid work through different skills and knowledge.
In addition, volunteers will work with community associations of PLWHA (People living with HIV/AIDS) in palliative, home based care and taking as psychosocial support. Also, since most of the community associations are involved in Income Generating Activities (IGA), volunteers will work with these associations to improve their capacities.

Please feel free to contact FVA if you have a desire to help in any of these areas.

How you can help