Mr. Willy Mwanafunzi - Executive Director of Faith Victory Association

Nov 22 , 2017

Willy is an economist by trade. He has professional skills and longtime experience in business development and management. This professional experience has enabled Mwanafunzi to initiate and implement various projects in FVA.

Mr. Mwanafunzi has instigated partnership with various eminent organizations. He joined FVA soon after its inception to coordinate its daily activities for the achievement of the mission and objectives behind its establishment.

To further his skills to the benefit of FVA, Willy has attended various trainings, workshops, national and international conferences.

Ever since joining FVA, Willy has been propelled by the needs of the people he interacts with in the unprivileged communities. This drives his passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to meet their needs and improve their living conditions by using available resources through FVA.

Mr. Willy Mwanafunzi is married with three wonderful children.

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