CORE Project awarded 30 best performing cooperatives

Nov 22 , 2017

Faith Victory Association (FVA) in partnership with the World Vision Rwanda (WVR) through Creating Off-farm Rwandan Enterprises (CORE) Project has on July 26th 2019 awarded 30 best performing cooperatives during the celebration of the International Day for Cooperatives under the theme “Cooperative for Decent work”.

The awards worth 7,540,000 Rwf were segmented into two parts whereby 15 cooperatives were awarded at sector level and other 15 at district level. At district level, the first 5 best performers were given printers, 2nd 5 best performers were awarded with desktops and the third 5 best performers received laptops while 15 best performers at sector level were awarded with wheel barrows.

Cooperative representatives expressed their gratitude saying that these awards are motivation and will help them increase production and to make their works more professional.

“These printers will help us in printing lists and will help our cooperative to cut all costs related to printing and the money will be saved for other purposes.” Ngirinshuti Callixte-The President of cooperative COPEMA which emerged the first in the district.

The awards were provided at Nyamasheke district during the celebration of the International Cooperative Day In celebrating this day through which 20 youth and women cooperatives supported by FVA exhibited their products. Some of the products they have exhibited include Shoes, handcraft products, processed products (maize flour and juice) and clothes among other products.

These equipments provided as awards are expected to facilitate cooperatives to reduce the money that they were spending on administration costs including printing and photocopying and they will facilitate cooperatives to keep safely cooperatives documents. This is in line of facilitating in creation of off farm activities while increasing household income from off farm activities.

The Event was attended by the Director General of Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA), Professor Jean Bosco Harerimana, district and sector officials and security organs working in Nyamasheke.

The Director General of Rwanda cooperative Agency (RCA) appreciated so much FVA and district initiatives of promoting cooperatives and requested the cooperatives representatives to improve their performances to meet government expectation from them. “I would like to thank Nyamasheke district and its partner FVA for the efforts they have put in promotion of cooperatives, Nyamasheke is the first district in the country which has put much effort in the development of cooperatives and RCA will continue to support that effort”. Professor Harelimana.

Cooperative representatives posing with wheel-barrow

Creating Off-farm Rwandan Enterprises (CORE), is a 3 years Project implemented by FVA in partnership with WVR on Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA) fund. The aim of the project is to facilitate the creation of off-farm enterprises among women and youth cooperatives.

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