Faith Victory Association

FVA is a Christian Faith Based and Non-governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to providing orphans, women, and minors a safe haven, training, schooling, and opportunities since 2003. Our mission is to facilitate processes that break the cycle of poverty, reduce HIV infections, combat domestic violence and help communities build programs to distribute resources to Rwandese. This will enable them to create a prosperous society of peace, reconciliation, care, and well being for all persons.FVA takes a multi-tier approach to poverty alleviation by working in a systematic way to maximize our impact, cut operation costs, put into place procedures and protocol as we grow and expand to meet the needs of those we are assisting.

FVA works through a decentralised structure in 12 districts of the five Provinces of Rwanda including Kigali City, with a focus to integrated programs with long-term programmatic interventions that work closely with communities and local leaders to identify and address developmental issues.

Our VISION is to create a society with a sense of equity in access and distribution of available resources by all, for purposes of creating a prosperous society whose basic tenets are peace, reconciliation, sharing, care and well-being of all persons.
Our MISSION is to facilitate processes that eradicate poverty, improve public health, promote and protect children and women’s rights; and help communities in capacity building programs aimed at the transformation of society.

Our goal is to “Improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity through development of integrated programs, capacity building and sustainable internal resources mobilization”.

FVA set objectives are 1) To sustain Operations and Programs, 2) to strengthen Children and Women’s Rights, 3) to promote economic Empowerment, improve Food security & Nutrition, 4) to strengthen Public Health, 5) to improve Environment Protection and WASH, and 6) to strengthen FVA Volunteer Program.
The achievement of these objectives is contributed to through 5 areas of intervention each of them encompassing a number of projects using diversified and complementary models of implementation; these areas of intervention are namely;

1.The child protection, youth and women’s empowerment,
2. Health and WASH,
3. Food security and nutrition,
4. Volunteer and capacity building, as well as
5. The social business and internal resource mobilization initiatives

FVA attaches a strong importance and observes 4 main crosscutting issues in all its interventions; gender, environment, disability and social inclusion, as well as HIV/AIDS.

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