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Sep 17, 2020

Mugeni chantal is a 23 years old teenage mother from Gitesi sector, Gitega cell, Karongi district. She had her baby at 17 years old which changed her whole life as she said.

Mugeni is one of 30 teen mothers trained by FVA in parternship with Actionaid Rwanda through Speak-out project funded by UKAID and which aim is to address sexual reproductive health and gender based violence in Rwanda.

The 30 teenage mothers including Mugeni had 2 days training on GBV and trauma management on 24th and 25th August 2020 in Karongi district. Mugeni testified the importance this training had for her in particular.

“I was not aware that me and my kid have rights and that I can claim my child’s right to be recognized in front of the law by his father, neither did I know the difference between Gender and sex” Mugeni said.

During this training, teen mothers were explained in details what is gender, and gender based violence, types of GBV and its consequences as many of them had or are facing the consequence in their daily life.

She added “The 2 days of training has increased my level of self confidence” shared Mugeni

Q : Is there anything you are going to change in your daily life or they way you are doing things in your life as a result of this training ? Project officer asked Mugeni
A : “ definitely after all the knowledge I have gained during the training, the first thing that will change is my level of self esteem and self confidence, I used to doubt myself as teen mothers, I considered myself as a shame to my family and Community never though that I can work and become financially independent which I’m going to do after this training. Together with other 29 girls attended this training we are going to start a saving group, through which will save and get small loans which may help me to start small business .

I’m going to ask for support and advice to Speak out’s staff to be able to pursue the man who got me pregnant to claim my kid rights of being recognized by him in front of the law and for myself because I deserve justice for being abused.” she said.
I thank FVA and ActionAid so much for offering us this opportunity to learn about our Rights .

Photo2 : other teen mothers who participated in the training on GBV and trauma management in Karongi district

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