Nov 22 , 2017

In partnership with World Vision and SIDA, FVA is implementing CORE project in Nyamasheke district. The project aims at increasing household off farm income for women and youth facilitating them to create saving groups and cooperative which would lead to the creation of off farm income generating activities.
It is in that line that FVA facilitates the cooperatives to exhibit their products in cooperative trade fair that is organized annually purposely to link the cooperatives to potential buyers, making cooperatives known by their stakeholders especially local authorities and linking cooperatives to financial services’ providers. The trade fair of 2020 took place from 25-26/09/2020 at Munini motel and it brought together cooperatives from all over the district. More than 80 cooperatives participated in the event and exhibited their products, the participants included also executive secretaries of sectors, sector officers in charge of cooperatives, representatives of PSF, JADF representatives, FVA A.g Executive Director and Vice Mayor in charge of economic affairs. The cooperatives participated are in different domains that include value chain like sugar cane juice production, beekeeping and honey production, handcrafts production, carpentry and shoes making cooperatives.

Different products of cooperatives exhibited

Apart from organizing trade fair, FVA in order to build the capacity of youth and Women cooperatives also provided production equipment to the cooperatives that will facilitate them to increase and improve their products. The equipment provided were composed with :
 sugar cane extractor Machines ,
 capping machines,
 Ordinary sewing machines
 Laptops(computer )
 Machine silifilage
 Median compressors
 Electronic juice making blenders and many more

Vice mayor and FVA Executive director providing sewing machine to Terimbere Busangati cooperative

During this ceremony, in her remarks, the A.g Executive Director of FVA Mrs. Diana UMUTONI thanked the cooperatives that participated in the trade fair and encouraged them to work hard in order to increase their production as well as adding value to their production. She also said that the tools that were provided to the cooperative are a sign that FVA and World vision think about the cooperatives and plan is to reach as many cooperatives as possible in order to make cooperatives beneficial to their members and contribute to the development of the country. She also thanked SIDA and World vision for the support and district authorities for their good collaboration continuous support.
In his speech, Mr. Josue Michel NTAGANIRA, the vice mayor in charge of economic affairs thanked FVA-CORE Project on behalf of Mayor for the support it always provides to the community of Nyamasheke district especially women and youth. He also mandated the cooperative that received the tools to make them productive and increase the production which will lead to the increase in the income of their members which will read to the development of the District.

Cooperatives Awarded with different production tools

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