COVID-19 Response to vulnerable families

Nov 22 , 2017

Through the Sponsorship , Program FVA have been able to respond to COVID-19 effects by proving food assistance to the vulnerable families
The Covid-19 crisis has affected food supply chains and made it clearer that inequity is a marker of malnutrition. In urban and semi urban areas, the total lock down measures significantly affected the food security situation of the poor households, which mainly rely on daily wages obtained through casual labour, petty trading, food vending, construction activities and domestic work.

families received food assistance

It is against this back ground that FVA to achieve its Strategic Objective of improving the lives of the peoples through Economic Empowerment, Improved Food & Nutrition Program. During this period of Covid-19 Pandemic FVA have supported 11 vulnerable families identified who were affected by COVID-19, some of whom live with HIV/AIDS ; widowers, Peoples with disability, the elder peoples. These peoples were supported with food assistance so that they can help them to sustain their families’ well-being of their families especially children. The food assistance given included rice, Maize flour, beans, sunflower oil as well as Hygiene materials like soaps.

The Acting Executive Director of FVA encouraged these Peoples to continue the fight of pandemic

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