Saving groups have improved families’s well-being in Ruheru Sector

Nov 22 , 2017

On 3/5/2021, a women saving group Abashyizehamwe from Uwumusebeya cell, Ruheru sector supported by Ruheru Local Right Program implemented by FVA in partnership with Actionaid Rwanda organized a share out event after one year cycle of saving the little money .
FVA have trained them on the saving group approaches and supported them with regular monitoring and mentorship sessions on how they should save the little they have so that they may get small loans to resolve their families basic needs and saving for their future needs .

Group members were very happy with the goats that will provide manure to Improve their agriculture Production.

As a results, on that day each group member went home with one goat which is equivalent to 25000 rwf = 25$ and as one of the objective of saving group include the improvement of the social cohesion among the group members and communities in general during event they supported one vulnerable person in community with 10kgs of Irish poto and 4kgs of peas, cabbage and salt .

Women supported their neighbor who was affected by COVID-19

After these activities they thanked faith Victory Association and Actionaid Rwanda for supporting them and helping women to build their self confidence and self reliance .

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