Improving women smallholder famers on business & digital skills is vey important in empowering women

Nov 22 , 2017

Women in Ruheru sector are engaged in different income generating activities like farming activities, handcraft production, food processing, animal rearing and many others. Since Ruheru sector is somehow far from the potential buyers of the stated products, women smallholder farmers are facing a great challenge of market for their products.
In order to facilitate women smallholder farmers, FVA in partnership with Action Aid Rwanda has provided tablets to the cooperatives of those women purposely to use them in marketing their products on social media and other platforms.
Eight cooperatives from Ruheru sector were provided with eight tablets. The representatives of those cooperatives received the tablets after 3 days training in which they were trained on how to use social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and others. They were also trained on how to access e-market.
After receiving the tablets women were so much excited and appreciated so much AAR and FVA for the wonderful tools that will easier their activities ;
“ You can’t imagine how we are very happy, we were producing different products but getting market was one of the greatest challenges were facing, but now we are going to start marketing our products to different people using different platforms” Expressed by Mukamugema Rose one of the cooperative representatives.

Women smallholder famers thanked AAR& FVA for the tablets

Jacqueline Nyiransabimana representative of Abafite umurava cooperative from Remera cell also added “In Remera we produce Irish potatoes, wheat and we also have a butchery but it was difficult to get customers, but from now we will be putting our products to different customers starting with our local leaders and we hope to get a great profit”
The tablet will not only facilitate women to market their products, but they will also increase the skills on ICT that will help them to get information on different issues like how to get agricultural inputs easily learn new production techniques.

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