Improving Food Security and Economic Opportunities for Women Farmers and their Families (IFSEOWFF) in Muko, Rwanda

This project operates in Musanze district of the Northern Sector just in MUKO Sector. IFSEOWFF is aimed at improving food security and economic empowerment through upgrade of agricultural production.

The project interventions were taken to Muko sector after the latter was revealed among the most impoverished and environmentally insecure sectors of Rwanda. Muko was suffering from chronic food insecurity caused by sterile land and flooding which was used to destructing crops grown in the area. In addition to that, Muko society has been undergoing polygamy which caused many of Muko families to care for huge families.

The 2012 baseline survey undertaken by the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research-Rwanda revealed that 52% of the 3,886 households in Muko were living below the poverty line. The same survey has also revealed that 74% of Muko residents were food insecure and 58% of Muko’s populations are women farmers with 19% of women farmers eating just one meal a day.

Therefore, the project target to empower primarily women small-holder farmers and now it is working with 1507 farmers including 1,256 women of the most vulnerable women smallholder farmers and 251 vulnerable male smallholder farmers of Muko sector.

All project beneficiaries are grouped into 50 cooperatives, registered with Rwanda cooperative Agency/RCA.

The project equipped the beneficiaries with different skills on better practice of sustainable agriculture and disaster management to raise their agricultural production and their livelihoods.

The project has helped Muko residents to increase agricultural production which led to the construction of the cold-room to keep safely the surplus of vegetables and fruits and the grain storage to store maize production and a maize milling plant to produce a tasteful Kawunga Yacu maize flour

The project commenced from 2014 to phase out in 2017. The project is implemented by Faith Victory Association (FVA) and is funded by BIG LOTTERY.

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