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Our Senior Management

Dr. Immaculée Mukatete (Founder and President)

Dr. Immaculée Mukatete was born into a large family that was uprooted by the threat of violence and forced into poverty. Despite a fight with polio at a young age, she walked many kilometers to get to school. Her perseverance and the support of her family helped her receive not only a basic education but medical school training as well.

Today Dr. Mukatete is one of the few female doctors in east Africa and a known medical advocate in the fight to eliminate AIDS. She has a passion to help children overcome their own hardships through education and has a dream to break the cycle of poverty afflicting Rwandan children.

As the Founder and Medical Director of Family Polyclinic in the city of Kigali, Dr. Mukatete manages and coordinates the activities of the clinic to provide quality health services She does this by providing technical advice to the staff, admission and treatment of patients, overseeing counseling services, and supervising laboratory tests to diagnose various diseases among community members.

Dr. Mukatete is member of the consultative partnership group called Great Lakes Initiative on AIDS (GLIA), Rwanda. She was nominated by the Council of Ministers as a member of the committee relating to contracts with the Rwanda Medical Insurance (RAMA).

Dr. Mukatete was Medical Consultant for San Francisco Project and Emory University from2004 – 2005. This program enrolled couples to participate in the HIV/AIDS vaccination study sponsored by International AIDS Vaccination Initiative (IAVI). In collaboration with National AIDS Control Commission (CNLS) she coordinated a research project on the evaluation of care and treatment of children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in thirty districts of Rwanda.

Dr. Mukatete is one of the co-Founders and President of Faith Victory Association (FVA) -Kigali, Rwanda. Dr. Mukatete oversees the operation of FVA to ensure its policies are in line with community needs and to insure that the impact on women and children meets the mission of the foundation.

Immaculée lives with her husband of 19 years, Sandrali and their six beautiful children in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.

Dr. Immaculée Mukatete Shares Her Vision For A New Rwanda :

Mr. Willy Mwanafunzi - Executive Director of Faith Victory Association

Willy is an economist by trade. He has professional skills and longtime experience in business development and management. This professional experience has enabled Mwanafunzi to initiate and implement various projects in FVA.

Mr. Mwanafunzi has instigated partnership with various eminent organizations. He joined FVA soon after its inception to coordinate its daily activities for the achievement of the mission and objectives behind its establishment.

To further his skills to the benefit of FVA, Willy has attended various trainings, workshops, national and international conferences.

Ever since joining FVA, Willy has been propelled by the needs of the people he interacts with in the unprivileged communities. This drives his passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to meet their needs and improve their living conditions by using available resources through FVA.

Mr. Willy Mwanafunzi is married with three wonderful children.