Infant feeding Program

Nov 22 , 2017

FVA undertakes infant feeding by providing regular noon meals to children at primary level of education in order to improve their health and learning performance. The project is called noon-meal meant to improve school performance for vulnerable children who used to attend classes but lacked food. Currently, around 60 children get lunch at FVA head office in Rusororo sector. We stimulate their play and early learning opportunities, promote good health, safety and security of the children and support positive parenting. We train care givers on early child development, conduct sensitization campaigns through parenting education on child care, development, protection and health promotion and conduct advocacy for early childhood development support. At the ECD center, children’s development is monitored, they learn from a safe environment, children play with equipments which are appropriate to their age and their mental, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development is catered for by the use of a holistic ECD curriculum.

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