USAID funded Gikuriro Program support Kayonza beneficiaries with livestock

Deprived families benefiting from Gikuriro Program interventions have been supported with small animals to help them improve nutrition status of children.

The livestock provided to Gikuriro beneficiaries are rabbits, chickens and pigs. Chickens and rabbits were distributed to families and pigs were distributed to beneficiaries groups.

Animals provided to them were bought locally through a livestock fair organised and held at Rwinkwavu stadium on 2nd March 2017. All intended beneficiaries were provided with animal buying tickets helped them to buy hens, rabbits and pigs for Gikuriro beneficiaries groups.

110 Gikuriro beneficiaries from 11 villages were registered to receive small animals and four villages have purchased animals while seven villages didn’t buy because of animal scarcity in the fair.

Some of Gikuriro beneficiaries who were supported with animals were not having animals in their houses. After receiving animals, they have promised to take care of these animals and use them to fight against malnutrition among their respective families.

Jeannette Mukagakwisi has bought two rabbits and two chickens and she acknowledge that the animal support is important to help her children recover from malnutrition.

“I had no animal in my home and it was hard to find a balanced diet for my children. But I really appreciate this animal support from Gikuriro Program, with this hen I will be feeding my children with eggs and eggs are nutritious.”

Alemayehu Gibremariam who coordinates Gikuriro activities countrywide has encouraged beneficiaries to take care of animals for the bright future of their children.
Gikuriro opted to support its beneficiaries with small animals since these animals are more beneficial as they are quickly reproductive.

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