Kayonza: Gikuriro partnered with the district to woo youth in malnutrition prevention activities

In a strong partnership of Kayonza district and Gikuriro Program, youth of Kayonza district were mobilized and encouraged to take a leading role in prevention and reduction of malnutrition cases among under five children.

This request was done on Thursday September 28, 2017 in a campaign organized by Gikuriro Program at Rwinkwavu stadium. The campaign was organized under the theme “Good nutrition and Hygiene are the source of healthy life”.

Gikuriro Program is aimed at improving nutrition status of women of reproductive age and children under five years of age, with an emphasis on the 1,000 days window of opportunities from pregnancy until a child’s second birthday.

Nutrition and WASH messages were passed through traditional dances, songs, drama and poetry portraying the said theme. The same messages were also passed through a football match which opposed Nkondo and Mbarara cells.

Alphonse Ngarambe, the director of health in Kayonza district who was representing the district in the event, has requested the youth to participate actively in activities designed to eliminate malnutrition and improve sanitation in their respective residing areas.

“I take this opportunity to thank everyone here for your time and to remind everyone that malnutrition has negative effects on both body and mental development and to the country development as well. I also want to request a continued youth support to prevention of malnutrition, particularly in changing the mindset of the population especially those fathers who are not caring to the wellbeing of their families. I thank those who contributed to this activity through songs, poems, drama plays, dances and I wish the audience has listened and is going translate the message into practices.”

Parents who attended this event have appreciated this initiative saying that Gikuriro has highlighted the role of youth in child nutrition.

“This campaign is worth for everyone, it has reminded us that a good nutrition is not found in expensive food items but locally available food can be good for our health. Another success was to target youth, for instance in this gathering, there are many youth near to make families and this is a good learning opportunity to know a good nutrition for children they will be making.” Bunani Viateur from Mukoyoyo cell said.

People who used their talents to pass nutrition and WASH messages in this event have entered their respective homes with different prizes. Nkondo cell football team was awarded with Jersey kit and the ball for winning Gikuriro youth fair tournament against Mbarara cell.

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