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USAID-Deputy Health Director visited Gikuriro activities in Kayonza

Dec 3, 2018

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-Deputy Health Director, Mary de Boer has on Thursday 29th November 2018 visited INWA-Gikuriro Program activities in Kayonza district to observe the program implementation progress on the field.

Integrated Nutrition and WASH Activity (INWA)-Gikuriro program is a USAID funded nutrition program implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and SNV in partnership with Faith Victory Association (FVA) which execute the program activities in Kayonza district.

At FVA Office, Mary de Boer was updated on Gikuriro achievements, challenges and lessons learnt in FY 18. Mary de Boer was also received by the Mayor of Kayonza district who commended the good collaboration between Gikuriro and the district.
“We have been partnering with Gikuriro to fight malnutrition and together with them, we collaborate in joint planning together with other partners involved in the Health Sector.” Jean Claude Murenzi, the Mayor of Kayonza recognizes.

The Health Director of Kayonza district has informed USAID and CRS delegation that the district appreciates Gikuriro support since it has helped the district to increase attendance in Growth Monitoring Activities from 60% to 85% among many other achievements.

In the field, the USAID-Deputy Health Director has visited the fish-ponds initiated by Gikuriro beneficiary groups in partnership with the local cooperatives, with the aim of using fish products for child nutrition. The visit has continued with the household visit in Akabukara village, Umubuga cell of Ruramira sector to observe household adoption of program activities. Beyond the household visit, the visiting team joined Akabukara benefiaries in a gathering to hear from their testimonies about Gikuriro benefits and assisted the community to in U5 feeding and GMP activities.

“We have been able to observe the reality on the field, we have appreciated the effort of the beneficiaries in owning program activities and it would be better if fish farming cooperatives are also taught saving and assisted to turn fish farming into a big business. Also the local cheap techniques of making slabs for latrines and doors through jerrykans can be disseminated through CHAIN and Gikuriro partnership meetings.”

The USAID-Deputy Health Director has visited Kayonza after one month that the district received the CRS Global Health Director who came to learn the role of Gikuriro integrated approaches in improving the lives of the community.

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