Child Protection

Nov 22 , 2017

FVA is committed to the protection and promotion of children’s rights. We developed a community center in Rusororo Sector which is a child friendly safe space for orphans and vulnerable children to enjoy their rights. We reunify separated and unaccompanied children with their families, conduct periodic community dialogues to develop awareness on child abuse and exploitation and support children’s clubs to create awareness on child protection. Working with our partners especially local leaders, school heads and families, we hold quarterly cluster meetings to discuss the role of each stakeholder in safeguarding the rights of children. Through our child sponsorship program, we have sponsored 165 children at different education levels (primary, secondary and vocational institutions).

To promote early childhood development, we established 7 Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDs) and have trained 40 caregivers of ECDs on stages of development of children and how to take care of the needs of children. We have also supported the established ECDs with materials that the children use to play. In the established ECDs, over 300 children receive daily care which helps to promote their holistic development.

To reduce malnutrition among the children, we conduct child growth monitoring and counseling and provide vitamins and deworming to children under the age of 5. We conduct nutrition education and rehabilitation in the communities to ensure that the parents take good care of their children.

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